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Mollie Kellogg

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Frontal Lobe Gallery, Phoenix AZ; Photo by Mindy Keeling

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Creative Sorceress Mollie Kellogg conjures a magickal world through canvas, film, music and dance. Her award-winning Incognito Witch Project celebrates hidden magick. Mollie's fine art has sold internationally and galleried in NY, NM, CA, WA, WY, AL, AZ, and was included in the 2015 Grammy®   Gift Bag. Mollie presented her inner magick message at Talks in NY at the activist ArtRage Gallery, and in CA and AZ. Kellogg's films have screened in NY, FL, MN, and CA at Heal One World's Awareness Festival; internationally in Indonesia; schools in India; and received the Nine Worlds London LGBTQAI Track Award.


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Photos and video on this site are by Mollie Kellogg, Petyr Cirino, T.Collins Logan, John Schnack, Sam Chadwick Photography, MJ Stevens, Ed Pitts, Chuck McPherson, Amy Daggett, David Oleary Snaps Productions, David Gonzales Dancing For Maria, Tom Shjarback, Mary Ann Kalisky Queen Bee Fotography

Selfies submitted by Mindy Keeling and Sweetie Bear, Amy and Abby Daggett, Amanda Sim, David Salcido, Aprille de Carvalho and Tanica, Damara Carpenter, Ginger Rosser, Heather and Duncan Reynolds, Isla and Edwin Longwell, Amy Cormier, Thomas Davis and Buddy, Amanda Langley-Taylor, Autumn Gieb, Malerie Kline and Bella, Laylana and Zeek Vazquez, Sally Jo Bannow, Dawn Pomeroy, Petra Chavez, Dana Whissen, Natasha Kong, Patricia Hamrick Overby, Laurianna Ann, Lori Guthrie-Knight, Bri de Ruiz...

Special thanks to T. Collins Logan, Glenn Michaels, Coleen Grant, Bob Hogge, Marina Hadley and MZ Urban Art, Corinne Cain, Rose and Charlie Viviano and ArtRage Gallery, Andrea Rushing, Beatrice Moore, Robrt Pela, Bigs Dowdy, Rebecca May, Jayson Samuel, Matt Catlett, Ben Mason and 5-e, Hank Gross, David Gonzales, John Lindley, Bonnie Stager, Dusty Curtis, Marie Kellogg, John Keasler, UU Art Guild and First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, Marilyn Szabo, Bab's A'delic, Andrea Corrales Parker, Ari Bejar and Cosmos Coffee, Brittney Carrey, Nancy DeMonte, The Scripps Research Institute, my collectors, my co-workers and clients, the hanging crews, the venue coordinators, friends and family, and to all my models and actors and their families, including many listed above and: Petyr and Oniric Cirino, Alice Jane Kellogg, Lacy and Zach, Boy and Girl Kitty, Norma and Glenn Michaels, Ora Mae Petersen, Linda and Sara Maepa, MaryAnne Szuch, George Young, James Johnson, Suzette Tree and True Southfox, James Chen, Jennifer Bailey, Sharon Goodlove and Goodlove Counseling, Valerie Paxton and Todd Cassett, Andrew Mackey, Bonnie Stager, Homer and Steven Kellogg, Hank Gross, David Gonzales and family, T. Collins Logan, Nikki Helms, Nina and Maia Helms, Leah Payne Elliott and Jesse, Brad Lynn Sarah and Abby Golden, Jack Vecchio, Yoni Baker, The Incognito Witch Dancers, Lacy Oleary, Bethany Rangel, Aida Guerra, Jeannette Deane, Elaine Durson, Christan Hernandez, Midge Hyde, Käthe Larick, Christina Montuori, Karen Brannan, Joan and Torrey Sajen and Morgan Green, Baron Dixon, Doug Brown, Karen Sites-Singleton, Risa Rosales and Felicai Mendoza, Lindsay Taylor, Shawn Underwood, Roy Attridge, Michele Torchia, Lee Powers, Diane Elizabeth Serns, Jeanette Robinette Fox, Yana Drozdova, Johnny and Greg Hynes, Stetson, and you!


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