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Calling All Incognito Witches: Submit Your Selfies!

Let your inner magick shine!

WANNA PLAY?  See the Submitted Selfies of your sister and brother Incognito's below!
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Shoot an Incognito Witch Selfie and post up to 3 photos on
One or more of your photos will be posted below!
*A signed Model Release must be emailed along with hi-res photos before images will be posted on or painted. Mollie Kellogg Creative reserves the right to end this submission process without notice. Inappropriate images or photos not adhering to the guidelines will not be posted.

The traditional Incognito Witch "Inner Portrait" allows the viewer access inside the subject's hidden psyche. Models for these paintings are staged and shot per sketches or concept. The figure holds an item that has meaning to them, to Mollie, or is symbolic; the figure is draped or n*de.

Incognito Witch "Selfie" paintings are a projection of one's inner magick giving them a different energy than the Portraits. Selfies are shot by the subject. The first four Selfies are of characters from Kellogg's short films. G the Incognito Witch and Ginger Anxiety, themselves inspired by Mollie's earlier paintings, bring the Incognito Witch Project full circle. G's Timeline

Mollie documented her characters via Selfies on Facebook. And, it turns out, Selfies are a perfect vehicle for all the folks who wanted to participate in the Project by taking matters into their own hands. Participants are going beyond solo selfie-taking and are sharing the experience with friends and children. Others have thrown Inner Magick Selfie Parties, gathering for an evening of glitter and laughter!

“I had a glorious time” - Incognito Mindy, AZ, USA
“Completely liberating!” - Incognito Amanda, New Zealand
“This is so cool” - Incognito David, NM, USA   David blogs about being an Incognito Witch model

The “hidden inner magick” message resonates with like-minded individuals, participants, and organizations that support a mission to change the world through art. "I see my art as a way to promote self-acceptance, laughter, play, healing, community and personal possibility," says Kellogg

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